Scenes to avoid nightmares #3




Exhibitions: Centro Cultural Kischner. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2018 // Festival Fotosintesis. Medellin, Colombia. 2019


Dimensions: 26x7x6metros
Material. 4 Overhead projectors, acrylic cuts, handmade drawings, slow motor, slider-crank system, plotter and sound


Space is invaded by colorful light projections of paper vines that create a gloomy environment, accompanied by irrational episodes selected through the research of symbolic and archetypal images of nightmares, sometimes found in classic, medieval and renaissance mythology or Jung's theory.  All scenes move thanks to two slider-crank systems put on top of the overhead projectors, these cranks drive each clear-acrylic character in different ways and simultaneously.  In this piece, randomness and sound piece was used to evoke the hypnotic atmosphere of dreams.


Kinetic Assistant. Julián Carvajal
Drawing Assistant. Elizabeth Builes

Sound. Impre Mogollón y Fernando Carranza

Special thhanks to Joseph Seney

Pictures. Triana Loberans- Edition. Angélica Teuta