Emotional Architecture: De purra De




Material.  Live plants, pine wood, bamboo, recycled skateboards, painting, recycled zinc roof tile, plastic, recycled plastic buckets, drawings and chalkboard. 

size. 7x7x4mts


A temporary house for free encounters, aesthetic experience, and pedagogical space, all that and much more, is "Dê purra dê", one of the most important places for the Emberá Colombian indigenous culture. To enter this space, five principles must be practiced: silence, listening, observation, the sweet word, and the good heart. With the collaboration of indigenous Embera, BioGrafos collective (biology+art), and other community groups from San Antonio de Prado (rural space nearby Medellin) we create a journey full of art workshops, curative plants, appreciation of rural territory, but all above of the ancestral knowledge.


This activity was part of the Ephemeral Artistic Interventions in Public Space program made by the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin, which seeks to give meaning to the urban territory, thinking about the spaces and social dynamics of the city ​​through art.