Emotional Architecture: Kioscos




Exhbitions: SITIO, Artbo art fair. Bogota, Colombia. 2018

Comfama Bodega. Medellin, Colombia. 2019


Material.  Pine wood, patchwork of rugs, cardboard, television, digital animation. 

size. 10x7x3mts


Interactive sculpture featured within the larger project “Emotional Architecture” that studies how space affects our well-being, and how our emotions can transform the space. Kiosks allow viewers to feel indoors and outdoors simultaneously, employing handcraft facilities. The installation is conceived for high-attendance spaces, like art fairs, to attain leisurely encounters outside the routine noise. On the slanted kiosks whilst lying down, viewers discover a hidden animation displayed on the ceiling. The animation borrows sentiments from Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Birds”. Viewers begin by seeing birds flying in a calm, tranquil manner. As the bird's pace changes the animation becomes more aggressive. This aggression peaks as the birds fill the sky within the animation. 


This specific work unveils the artist’s beliefs about fighting against the idea of art and design as a rarefied object for the wealthy. By looking at the piece, the artist expects viewers to learn to create their environments with accessible materials and encouraging them to exchange knowledge. In the past, the flat patchwork carpet area has been also spontaneously used for handicraft, plant care, yoga, and other workshops.



Kiosks Fabricator. Julian Carvajal

Installation process: Juan Cuadros, Omar Castillo, Gabriel Zea, Olga Huyke, Felipe Vanegas, Dillon Porter, Suso Productions, Technorental, Salome Acevedo and Sara Ramírez