Emotional Architecture: Ananeko


Site-specific Installation


Material.  Live plants, pine wood, hammocks, recycled skateboards, mural, knitted blankets, sheets, rope, recycled plastic buckets

Dimensions. 16x8x8mts

Deeply engaged with the idea that art has to be in junction with life, “Emotional architecture” projects appear as a keen observer of our actual living situation, human nature, and social construction of our common needs. Projects are made in collaboration with friends of other disciplines, art students, as well as occasionally inhabitants of deprived communities in a mutual exchange of knowledge and abilities.


In 2019, E.A. was inspired by Colombian indigenous knowledge, learning the importance of having a motherhouse. Depending on the ethnic group, these installations have certain characteristics of furniture, architecture, and relationship with plants, all connected to spiritual forces. For 9 months, "Ananeko" was a space inside a University campus open to any class, group, or individual that would have resonated with the knowledge of Minika culture. Four principles apply: A place where we share food, dance, rest and spread the word.