Methods of preservation


Currently show at the Museum of Modern Art Medellin, Colombia

December 2nd to March 27th, 2016



Since 2007, Angélica Teuta has been working around notions of time and space, where opposite concepts like fantastic/real, light/darkness, inside/outside, private/public, external/intimate, and guest/host are present. Teuta designs temporary spaces that use analog technologies and digital photography, audio and video, architectural elements, furniture, objects and drawings.  These spaces create a series of diverse stimuli that potentiate an experience close to a vivid dream where the dreamer is conscious about his act of dreaming.  


Métodos de preservación (Preservation Methods) is inspired by various forms of survival strategies used throughout time by animals, ancestral tribes and also by contemporary architects. All of them use trees and their structures as habitats, sources of food or as defense from the immediate environment. For some, a tree house is the possibility to be protected from nature and, for others, to protect it.  In the upper part of the room, Teuta creates an irregular but harmonious habitat, one that is a metaphorical shelter from contemporary urban life –a place to slow down– a room of contemplation and meditation. In the same line of thought, the space could also be a refuge from museum practices that try to confine art to a determined space.


This is an experience more than it is an exhibition. It is an environment to live and socialize in, to wander around and pause in, a place of peacefulness, a place to see and listen, to touch and perceive.


Curator: Adriana Rios
Museum of Modern Art of Medellin [MAMM]
C program
Celsia sponsorship
Arthur Lecoufle [Architect]
Pamela Vivas [General assistantship]
Julian Carvajal [Carpentry]
Tomás Silva [Digital animation]
Camilo Martinéz [Sound]
Help in the assembly process
Nelson Valderrama
Santiago Pastrana
Alexis Henao
Simón Madrid
Danny Ortiz
Gerson Ospina
Santiago Giraldo
Joe Chapell
Camilo Briceño 
Camilo Naranjo
Jaime D. Rojas
Guillermo Teuta
Gabriel Zea
Audiovisual record
Jairo Llanos [photography]
Nelly Oliva [camera]
Jamir Hayek [Edition]
Ariel Lach [visitor]
Special thanks to María Mercedes González director, Emiliano Valdés general curator and Juliana Cardona coordinator of exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin, and all visitors of the art installation.