Far away from here


This project were developed in partnership with the Colombian artist Luisa Roa, by mixing each other research and applied our individual technics in order to create a visual opera.


The project consists of drawing pieces, paintings, sculpture, low technology gadgets, sound, illusory objects, dioramas and light analogue projections. Both individually and together, they aimed to the idea of forest just like in fairytales, dark forests hiding lugubrious tales, mysterious scenes and suggesting sounds.


This is how: Out of overhead projectors a blue forest appears, suddenly, a video from Durero’s rhinoceros is made out of shadows and inserted into the woods, next, a panda bear wanders around the room, and then dioramas of Hansel and Gretel tale and Vasilisa the beautiful tale are constructed through light, sound and movement. There are dozens of fan-animated shrubs projected though the walls, a Saint George and the dragon scene is being accompanied by the sounds of crowds to finally see a cat guarding over a speakerphone tower that gives sound to the whole installation.